A lifetime together begins with selecting the perfect officiant that will make you smile & cry tears of Joy.Officiant

  • Will they give you choices and understand what makes your relationship special? Are they excited about your vision of your ceremony?
  • Will they provide a little light-hearted humor if that is what you want?
  • Are you encouraged to add your own unique touches, write your own vows? Select special readings or music? Can family or friends participate in the ceremony, to share personal stories about you as a couple or share a poem or a prayer?
  • Will they perform “theme” weddings, help you create a wine ceremony, a stone ceremony, get married on horseback or in a balloon, or add choices that are meaningful to you?
  • Will they be true to your beliefs whether religious, non-denominational, secular, traditional, no-traditional, inter-racial, by setting aside their own agenda?
  • Can they coordinator the rehearsal and work closely with your wedding coordinator and vendors?
  • Will they work with you and your photographers to capture the best shots of your ceremony?
  • Have they developed working relationships with professional partners in the wedding industry?





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I was born in the summer 2009.

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