Timothy & Eugene Barry Ware-HillMay 8, 2014
New Jersey

Every Once in a while, you look up to find that all you need is right in front of you. For the Broadway Couple it happened 10 year old ago. Eugene Barry-Hill tells the story below of how the couple came together and to wed.

“Almost 10 years ago, I met Timothy Ware. I could not have known this would be the person I would marry. We met on tour, working together. We had both recently gone thru traumatic breakups. We sought comfort and friendship in each other, and it only continued to deepen as time passed. As the tour ended, we could have easily ended, but there was something there, and it was called love… a seed was planted, that with a little Timothy Ware & Eugene Barry-Hill 2encouragement and trust, would blossom into a lifelong friendship. Tim turned out to be one of the bravest, kindest, sweetest people I had ever met. Not a day has gone by since (2004) that he has not brought me the kind of joy and happiness I had almost come to think could not exist for me. He has me so much more, and one of those things is PEACE. It’s an unknowable thing, to be at peace, unless that is where you are. 5 days from now, we will be kin. I could never want anything more than to be able to say to the world, he is my family. The NEXT 10 years is what I long for. Like I always say to you sweetheart “you are the best man I know”-Eugene Barry-Hill

Timothy Ware and Eugene Barry-Hill sand heartPhotographs By: Timothy Ware and Eugene Barry-Hill
Text By: Cleavester



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